currently working on


  • I am the Best photo set
  • LC9 photoset
  • Tifa Lockhart
  • Supernatural photoset
  • Inuyasha

currently working on

  • I am the Best photo set
  • LC9 photoset
Anonymous sent: Can you make an outfit based off of nom nom nom by wassup

Of course!I actually really like that song!

Thank you for being our first request!Here’s a a reward!


I’ve been working really hard on a B.A.P fashion photoset for Power,since I’ve been watching the mv a lot lately…a few others I’m hoping to get done for B.A.P

  • One Shot
  • Badman
  • Coffee Shop

Other groups I would like to do

  • 2ne1(come back home and I am the best)
  • LC9
  • Big Bang(Monster,Blue,Fantastic Baby,We Belong Together)
  • BTS

Stay tuned lovelies